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The Medical College Admission Test

We have selected what we believe to be some of the best MCAT study guides on the market from all of the hundreds of MCAT prep tools available.

Barron's How to Prepare for the Medical College Admission Test ~ By : Hugo R. Seibel (Editor) et al. Ships in 2-3 days. This guide is filled with useful reviews of science and math. There is also material on how to improve your reading skills and how to write a winning MCAT essay. Four sample tests with answers and the ever important explanations are included in this 512 page guide.

Columbia Review Intensive Preparation for the MCAT (1996) ~ By : Stephen D. Bresnick. Usually ships in 24 hours. Great MCAT study guide which puts the test taking strategies of the Columbia Review classroom into a self-study program. In the 825 pages, you get intensive reviews of the material on the MCAT, test taking strategies to improve your scores, and practice tests.

Columbia Review Practice Tests (1997) ~ By : Stephen D. Bresnick. Usually ships in 24 hours. Take more practice tests! The more you take, the odds are the better your MCAT scores.

Flowers & Silver Annotated Practice MCAT 1998-99 : With Sample Tests on CD-Rom (Princeton Review) ~By: Theodore Silver & James L. Flower. Usually ships in 24 hours. This study guide provides you with the tips taught in the classroom by the Princeton Review. Get test taking strategies, lots of review materials, and sample MCATS on a CD-Rom that is both Windows and Mac compatible. Some people have taken issue with errors in this book (probably due to sloppy editing), but our overall response to this study guide has been favorable.

Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review 1999 (Book & CD-Rom) ~By: Rochelle Rothstein (Editor), Adele Scheele. Usually ships in 2-3 days. At a hefty 1,088 pages, this MCAT study guide weighs in as one of the best of the best. This guide provides Kaplan's proven test taking strategies to improve your score, review material galore, and lots of sample questions, answers, and explanations.

MCAT Physics Book ~ By : Gary Biehle and Garrett Biehle. Usually ships in 24 hours. Get the help you need to ace the dreaded physics section of the MCAT. This book helps physics become more manageable through its comprehensive analysis of the type of physics questions found on the MCAT. It includes 500 MCAT style practice problems to help you blow the roof off the physics portion of your MCAT.

MCAT Supercourse (4th ed) ~ By: Stephan Bosworth (Editor). Usually ships in 24 hours. Brought to you by ARCO, this 720 page study guide gives you good test tips, review materials, and the ever important practice exams.

MCAT Workbook 1998 ~ By: Kaplan, Adele Scheele. Usually ships in 24 hours. An excellent supplement to other study guides. Includes lots of practice questions and test strategies.

Peterson's MCAT Success 1999
~By: Peterson's. Ships in 2-3 days. This book is part of Peterson's popular test success series, proven to help thousands of test takers in the past. A wonderful tool to MCAT success.

1998 MCAT : The Betz Guide : The Complete Preparation for the Medical College Admission Test
~By: Aftab S. Hassan (Editor). Currently on Back Order. This popular test prep guide gives you a comprehensive review of what you will need to know for the MCAT. Excellent review of all topics covered on the MCAT plus great practice questions.

ARCO MCAT Sample Exams, 3rd ed. ~ By: Stefan Bosworth. Usually ships in 2-3 days. 240 pages of updated materials and the most up-to-date sample exams. Remember, you can never take enough practice exams. The more you take, the better prepared you will be.

The following study guide looks to be a very good buy.

 Complete Preparation for the MCAT 1999 ~ By: Williams, Wilkins Review. 800 pages of intensive review material.

While the following books are not study guides, we thought you would find them interesting and helpful reads. Enjoy!

Becoming a Doctor: A Journey of Initiation in Medical School ~By: Melvin Konner, M.D. Usually ships in 24 hours. Find out what the third year of medical school is really like. After all those years hitting the books, follow Dr. Konner through his third year of medical school. An excellent read that shows there is much more to medicine than what you would originally think.

The Definitive Guide to Medical School Admission ~By: Mark Allan Goldstein,M.D. and Myrna Chandler Goldstein. Usually ships in 2-3 days. Written by a premedical advisor at M.I.T., this book provides excellent insight on how to get into medical school. You know the competition is tough. So get advice from an expert on how to do it right.

Harvard Med : The Story Behind America's Premier Medical School and the Making of America's Doctors ~By: John Langone. Usually ships in 2-3 days. Follow a group of students through their Harvard Medical School education and learn interesting facts about the inner workings of this esteemed institution. A great "behind-the scenes" look.

Perfect Personal Statements ~By: Mark Alan Stewart. Usually ships in 2-3 days. Can't decide how to write your personal statement? Not happy with what you've come up with so far? Then let this book help guide you through the tricky process of writing the personal statement that will help you get into med school. Also contains 50 actual essays with comments from the admissions officers to tell you what they did right.

Medical School Admissions : The Insider's Guide ~By: John A. Zebala, Daniel B. Jones, Stephanie B. Jones. Usually ships within 24 hours. This book has been called "the most helpful and bestselling guide for would-be doctors." Written by medical students for medical students, this book guides you through the med school admissions processes in a very practical and honest style. Get solid advice on the MCAT, interview techniques and lots more.

Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students : Find and Use Your Personal Learning Style (Oklahoma Notes) ~by Deborah D. Shain. Geared towards med students but helpful for everyone. 

How to Study ~ By Ronald W. Fry. A good basic guide for tips on how to study. This is not study tips just for a specific test, but excellent tips on how to improve your study skills in every class and subject.

Improve Your Memory (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry.  Have a hard time remembering the facts and formulas you need to ace a test? Want to improve your memory? This book is for you. Get great tips on how to improve your memory...a trait that will help you throughout your life!  Also available on audio cassette...perfect for listening in the car.

Improve Your Reading (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry. Can you tell we really like this series? A five star reader's choice to help any student improve their reading skills.




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