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The Law School Admission Test

2 Real LSATs Explained ~ by Kaplan (Editor) Paperback - One of our best selling study guides. This is a 368 page guide that bills itself as 2 Real LSATs Explained, but this book contains much more. Just for starters, it includes two complete "released" exams, answer keys, and highly detailed explanations that tell you how to identify quickly the type of question asked and how to go about answering it. For example, in the analytical-reasoning section, the authors have drawn diagrams to help establish the relationships between the characters in the problems--as should you, when you take your LSAT.

 30 Days to the LSAT (ARCO's 30 day guides) ~ By: Mark Alan Stewart, Frederick J. O'Toole. A 266 page study guide that usually ships in 24 hours for those last minute LSAT cram sessions. While we certainly don't recommend waiting until the last minute to study, this is a good guide if you don't have much time.

Cliffs : Law School Admission Test Preparation Guide (LSAT) ~ By : Peter Z. Orton. This 333 page LSAT study guide provides a quick & dirty guide to the LSAT.

Cracking the LSAT 1998 - With Sample Tests on CD-Rom ~ By: Adam Robinson, Staff of the Princeton Review. A solid 342 guide to the LSAT. Goes over all sections of the LSAT and includes the ever important practice tests with answers. CD-ROM is both windows and mac compatible. Also available on 3 1/2" disk. Don't have convenient access to a computer? Don't worry. Also available in plain old paperback.

Everything You Need to Score High on the LSAT ~ By : Thomas H. Martinson.  Get tips to raise your LSAT score and 4 full-length practice tests.

GRE-LSAT Logic Workbook ~ By : Mark Alan Stewart.  Bob sits next to Mary. Sam sits next to Ted. Where does Tiny Tim sit?? Who knows. Learn the tricks to conquering the logic portion of the LSAT. Get lots of in depth practice and learn easy tricks to get you through this tough section.

How to Prepare for the LSAT ~ By: Jerry Bobrow et al. Published by Barron's. This LSAT study guide comes with lots of helpful tips and practice problems. A 3 1/2" disk (windows compatible) is included.

LSAT 1998-99 - Law School Admission Test (Book & CD-Rom) ~ By: Kaplan.  This 304 page book and CD-Rom (windows and mac compatible) is jam-packed full of excellent information to help you score high on the LSAT. Learn test taking techniques and other "must-have" information necessary to ace the test. Also available without the CD-Rom.

LSAT GRE Analytic Workout ~ By: Karen Lurie. Published by Princeton Review. Filled with great tips and techniques to smoke the analytical section of the LSAT. Also contains lots of practice questions and answers.

LSAT Power With Tests on Disk (Cambridge Review) ~ By: Cambridge Review. An entertaining study guide filled with good information to help you score higher on the LAST.

While the following books are not study guides to help you improve your LSAT, we thought you might find them interesting :

The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools : From the Producers of the LSAT (Annual) ~ By : the producers of the LSAT. Still wondering what school is right for you? You might find this book to be helpful.

The Princeton Review Prelaw Companion : What Law School Grads Wish They Knew Before They Started ~ By: Ron Coleman.  Find out if law is really for you.

Essays that Worked for Law Schools : 35 Essays from Successful Applications to the Nation's Top Law Schools ~ By: Boykin Curry, Ed. Get the scoop on what essays worked. This book contains 35 great essays that can provide you with a springboard for your own winning essay.

How to Get into Harvard Law School : Invaluable Advice on Applying and a Look at Successful Application Essays from Current Students and Recent Grads ~ By: Willie J. Epps.    Get inside tips on how to get into Harvard Law School. Considering law schools other than Harvard? No problem. This book discusses similar methods used at most top law schools. This book provides tremendous insight into the difficult admissions process.

Going to Law School? : Everything You Need to Know to Choose and Pursue a Degree in Law ~ By: Harry Castleman, Christopher Niewoehner.  Thinking about law school? This is book is a must read for anyone thinking about being a lawyer. This guide discusses law school life, costs and benefits of getting your J.D., sound advice on applying to school, and much much more.

How to Study ~ By Ronald W. Fry. A good basic guide for tips on how to study. This is not study tips just for a specific test, but excellent tips on how to improve your study skills in every class and subject.

Improve Your Memory (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry.  Have a hard time remembering the facts and formulas you need to ace a test? Want to improve your memory? This book is for you. Get great tips on how to improve your memory...a trait that will help you throughout your life!  Also available on audio cassette...perfect for listening in the car.

Improve Your Reading (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry. Can you tell we really like this series? A five star reader's choice to help any student improve their reading skills.

One L : The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School ~ By: Scott Turow.    This is a classic that all future law students must read. A national bestseller, the author of "Presumed Innocent" reveals the reality of a first year law student.

Black's Law Dictionary ~ By : Henry L. Black. This is THE essential dictionary every law student and lawyer uses. You will use this dictionary for the rest of your career. With a leather-bound cover, it's worth every penny and will look very impressive in your office.    Also available in hard cover.

The Street Lawyer ~ By: John Grisham. An entertaining book... it makes for a nice study break.



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